The idea of being well is not a destination but instead a journey. Experience our digital library of yoga + fitness classes as well as mindfulness and healthy recipes. The difference, no competition, no judgment, just real-life health, on your real-life schedule.

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We believe our minds and physical bodies are infinitely intertwined and that in order to feel well we must address both areas which is why we have created a wellness channel that can be curated to whatever mood you're in each time you access it. So...tell us how you're feeling today and we've got a suggestion to make your day/night better.


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Teaching people to be active and healthy is my passion. My Favorite part is empowering teachers to help inspire our online students everywhere.


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I'm here to help create access to digital wellness, in the most user-friendly way possible. My favorite part is learning how to better our platform, by listening to our members!

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