Signup for Uscreen

Uscreen is the name of our new platform, which you've probably seen by now. In order to maintain your subscription, and to see all of our new upgrades, you will need to create and account on Uscreen. There should be no reason why you don't use the same account information (username, password, billing info) as you did on Vimeo.

Don't use Vimeo

Vimeo, our old platform (looks like this image below) is no longer accessible, and your account will be dormant on 12/31. Your card will no longer be billed for the dormant account.

Bookmark Access

Once you create your account on our new platform, we highly recommend that your bookmark that page, in an effort to avoid mistakingly going back to our previous platform. Don't worry though, you can always access our content through our website.

Vimeo Users - Being Upgraded

What's happening to your account?