Wellness for Every Body

37 videos | $50

Discovery is the act of finding. We invite you to find ... you with our Wellness for Every BODY Capsule.  Finding new ways of moving that perhaps you'd have never known about, uncovering ways to motivate, inspire and focus your mind. With this Capsule you will have 30+ classes of Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Kettlebooty, Cardio and Mediation.  This is a one time purchase for you to access anytime.  Your wellness, Your Practice on Your Terms. Monthly subscribers already have access to this content.

At the Barre

10 videos | $9.99

Are you ready for some buns lifting, calorie burning, ab sculpting, thigh shaping , arm toning workouts?  Explore these 10 barre classes that are sure to kick start your wellness goals.  Designed to challenge you while efficiently toning and sculpting your muscles, each class will have you feeling the burn of the goodness you're doing for your body and mind! Monthly subscribers already have access to this content.

Starting Point

10 videos | $9.99

Welcome to a starting point that truly could prove to be life changing. Your capsule contains ten videos that are are attainable and accessible to every BODY. You'll be introduced slowly to different styles, instructors and durations. Just relax ~ do what you can do. Keep trying and celebrate event the tiniest success! Monthly subscribers already have access to this content.

Calm in the Chaos

10 videos | $9.99

As we go into the winter months with serious threats to our planet's health, the best thing we can do is take care of ourselves by boosting our immunity, strengthening our bodies, relaxing our minds and staying committed to investing the time in our sustainable wellness.

Try this mini collection of both meditations and all levels yoga for a mini price and find your zen. Monthly subscribers already have access to this content.

Myofascial Release

3 videos | $9.99

Do you ever experience tight muscles or pain? Over use, under use or misuse of muscles can create tightness and pain, often experienced by cyclists and runners due to repetitive motions. Myofascial techniques can be a very helpful addition to a yoga practice to help with range of motion, injuries, scar tissue, tension, muscle recovery and improved muscle function. In this course you will gain a better understanding of your muscles and fascia. Using blocks and balls to apply gentle pressure different muscles in the body to help release the connective tissue called fascia which will help alleviate pain and improve overall mobility. You will need two tennis balls/ myofascial balls/ lacrosse balls.

Monthly subscribers already have access to this content.

Immunity Booster

3 videos | $9.99

Experience the bliss of being guided through our Reiki Yin practice to help strengthen your immune system. Infused with Reiki (Energy Healing) hand positions, healing Prana (life force energy) throughout the meridians (energy channels) of the body our Yin Yoga practice consists of poses that stimulate and bring balance to the four main immune boosting meridians; the Lungs, Liver, Large Intestines and Spleen. We conclude all our practice with a Reiki energy healing meditation. Your soul will feel at ease. Your body will feel a new sense of calm. Your mind will be filled with peace. Monthly subscribers already have access to this content.

Yoga Strong

3 videos | $9.99

Do you need short, intense yoga workouts with amazing results? We’ve got you! Gain strength by targeting specific muscle groups, improve cardio resilience and increase stamina and endurance as you sweat out toxins and move energy throughout your entire body! Build muscle strength and awareness to build on the foundations you need to move into handstands and arm inversions with these three YogaStrong classes targeting the core, legs and side body with Yoga instructor Heidi. Grab your mat and a block and let’s do this. Monthly subscribers already have access to this content.

New Year Challenge

Who 'Dis

30 videos | $30

Thoughtfully created to begin slowly and ascend in intensity, allowing and encouraging all levels participation.

Been spending way too much time on your couch? This is for you.

Curious about yoga? Pilates? Barre? Meditation? Myofascial Release? Yep, for you, too.

Manifesting a better 2021? Challenge yourself to start right here.

Each day, a different experience.

Each week, a new prize drawing.

Each completion, a chance to win our Grand Prize.

Find yourself again and maybe discover something along the way.