Be Inspired 
New Year Challenge

To inspire others, we must first inspire ourselves.  This January 3rd - 31st we invite you to go within and be inspired body and mind.  This challenge will inspire you, keep you accountable and you can win prizes.


"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same."



What Sets Us Apart

Our Stunning Himalayan Salt Wall is enough to inspire most but where we really shine is our amazing inclusive community of mutual support and encouragement.  Come as you are, leave happier and healthier.


How It Works?


Challenge starts Monday, January 3rd to January 31st. In-studio participants add your name to the challenge board and signup for Pineapple Online subscription.   Pineapple Online subscribers are automatically entered. 


Take 5 yoga or fitness classes in-studio or online per week. Take 5 Pineapple Online meditations per week. Your name will be added for a chance to win weekly prizes and a grand prize of 10 Class Pack at Pineapple Life and a 1-year Pineapple Life Subscription (value of $450).


In-studio track progress on challenge board.  Pineapple Online only subscribers, progress is tracked automatically. Live drawing of a winner every Monday for the month of January on Instagram. The grand prize will be announced on February 1st, 2022.




What is the goal for this challenge?

The purpose of this challenge is to help you create new and more positive habits for the new year.  We are here to help you improve your wellness and for us, wellness is about body and mind.

What is the cost of this challenge?

It is free to enter this challenge. You will need to purchase a month of Pineapple Online (new users).  If you chose to come in-studio you will need to purchase either class passes or membership (Pineapple Online included). 

Can I use workouts and meditations on other apps or studios?

No.  All classes and meditation will need to be done either at Pineapple Life Studios or on Pineapple Online.

Can I transfer classes/meditation over to another week?

No. You need to complete the 5 classes and meditations during that specific week to have a chance to win prizes.

Do I have to use the curated Calendar provided?

No.  You are welcome to choose any yoga, fitness, or meditation of your choice in-studio or online.  The calendar is there if you need inspiration.

As a Pineapple Life Member do I receive free access to Pineapple Online?

Yes.  If you are a Pineapple Life Member you do have free access to Pineapple Online.  Please ask the front desk for your access code if you do not already have it.