What is WorkWell?

WorkWell is a commercial program that allows employees of any sized company to access Pineapple Online, under their employee benefits.

It provides today's workforce with curated digital content intended to motivate , optimize productivity, increase focus and develop mental fortitude for employees everywhere. When we have the tools to stay well, we show up as the best versions of ourselves , feeling stronger mentally and physically, a mutual benefit to employee and employer.

Easy Integration

From the jump, our team is there to help not only integrate accessibility for employees, but also excite employees through internal marketing efforts. We help create compelling marketing materials that promote community and well being, over competition and weigh loss.

Your Bottom Line

Tax Deductible


Lowers Medical Spend

Increases Productivity

Value added for recruitment and retention


Boosts physical health

Provides mental wellness

Encourages self care

Improves focus

Improves Morale

Builds community